Jenna (crise_cardiaque) wrote in stratford_4life,

stratford cops save donut shop from being robbed from teens "suspiciously" parked in lot

TRUE STORY. told by me.
man. wtf. i dunno exacly when this was..but like a month or two n' some friends were just chillen outside of dunkin donuits cuz we wemt to go inside and they were just closing....and then kyle's mom called......which took forever......and me n'liz are drawing pictures on the back window..amelia in the front..... these cops come up to us...with there flashlights..they dont look to pleasant...they were really rude..i dont care b/c they have of 'em didnt even have therir nameag on..but what ever...they asked for our name...why we were here..n' we answered them....and then one of 'em asked us if we were planning on robbing dunkin donuts..i mean wtf? oh yeah....and i was asking for there names and why they were questioning us..n' the gave me bullshit..i have the right to know there names and stuff like that right? i dont even think i had to say anything..damn it. fuckin. eh. they piss me off. fucking disrespectful..i dont care if im only sixteen. im a fucking person too....ohh yeah.and after of 'em told me n' liz to get out of the we did...and like...asked us for id or w/e....i gave 'em mine..n' he had it for like...i dunno 5 minutes..ugh...n' they told us to stay there..when one of 'em i dunno what he was we went back into the car...n' they said some more shti..and i was asking them some more questions..the door was open slightly..n' one of 'em fuckin shut it in my face cuz he didnt wana hear me anymore...fucking AHH !! i dont want to call 'em anyting cuz i dont want to get shit for it, but that was not right!!! fucking...pisses me off!!!

this is a random qupte not relating to anything just siad...on purpose....
" oh im cool cuz i eat donuts...and just because im a cop....i can harrass teenagers....and there is nothing for me to im gunna start shit with them....instrad of doing this town some good...cuz i think teenagers are bad...and im i cant help it if my wife wont do me anymore..."
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