Liana Marie <3 (endless_love8) wrote in stratford_4life,
Liana Marie <3


Name: Liana
Age: almost 15
Whyd you join: why not?
whats great about stratford? tough question. not much. the old guys who meet in the green like once a week and sit on the same bench. i find that quite amusing. i just humor the stupid things people flock to (i.e. car have you NEVER seen one before?, parades; boy if main street was buys like it is when we have parades...we'd need to build a high way; you would have never known there were than many people in a 'little' town, well i just moved here about 2 years ago, i really think your lingo is so funny. i guess its the floridian in me, ok that all is really off topic =)

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