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09:56pm 08/11/2006
  i heard the mayor's talkin about opening up shakespeare  

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Tis the season... 
02:56am 10/10/2006
mood: awake
no, not that season...even if some stores have already started with the music.

Does anyone happen to know if the Phelps Mansion has been turned into anything that is open to the public/tours, is now private property, or has been turned into something else completely? I know that link says it was torn down, but this one begs to differ. A friend and I would like to explore it this week, so any information would be awesome. Also, according to this link, the Boothe Homestead is open to the public...anyone ever checked that out? I definitely remember going to the Boothe Memorial Park as a kid, but haven't been back to that area in years.

Also, if anyone is as much of a fucking Halloween dork as I am and is looking for something slightly "educational, yet interesting" to do...Center Church on the New Haven Green gives tours of its crypt on Saturday mornings. The little old lady is amusing, just don't let your cell phone go off while you're down in the crypt...then, she gives you a look that might make you end up buried down there as well. :P

While we're on the topic, anyone got more ideas of random Autumn or Halloween shit to do/things you've done/plan to do?

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Moving to Stratford for the summer 
01:34pm 19/03/2006
  I'll be moving to the Stratford area this summer to work for Sikorsky. I'm wondering:

  • Should I live in Stratford itself or a nearby town? I was considering New Haven since it seems quite close, and I'm used to a college town atmosphere (having lived in Ann Arbor for a while). Then again, I've never been to Connecticut so I really don't know what to expect.
  • How much does rent for a studio or 1-bdrm apartment usually run in the summer?
Any other tips or ideas for new england adventures would be welcome. I've only lived in Virginia, Florida and Michigan for significant periods, and I want to make the most of my 4-month stay in Ct. 

push it to the limit

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08:02pm 10/03/2006
  so i found out what kind of restaurant is going to be on the green. it's a sports bar. yay...... eh, it's kinda hard to sound sarcastic online. oh well.

oh oh oh... and starbucks on barnum is NOW HIRING!!

i think i might apply there. :-)

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01:06pm 13/02/2006
  i hear there is a new restaurant opening on the green.  

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12:29am 28/10/2005

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join ittt 
12:36pm 02/10/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  

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04:59pm 01/10/2005
mood: giggly
I'm not in this community, but I decided to randomly post this.

I'm From Prince Edward Island, the smallest little province in Canada and I live in a town called Stratford :)

I just find it Crazy how many places in the world are called Stratford

-Becca :)

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08:27pm 19/08/2005
  Amazing ACOUSTIC SHOW...
Saturday, August 20, 2005 doors 6:30..starts 7:00pm,
@ UU Church - Chapel St., Stratford

- Mike Falzone
- Jimmy McDonald
- Aric
- A Sight for Sore Eyes
- Steve Subrizi
- Megan Lostracco
- Cyle Hernandez
- Zach Miko

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12:00am 01/07/2005
  just so you guys know, the fireworks at sunday at 9:30 at short beach

hope to see you there!

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04:32am 27/06/2005


they copied us! how dare they?!
well wed appreciate it if you didnt join theres...itd hurt our feelings.

oh yea, and feel free to update once in a while!

hugs, love, fishsticks


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09:20am 04/06/2005
  stratford day. anyone going? eh. I might stop by but today my broha is graduating from st joes so i'll be at that and then a party..
oh hey.. and wasnt bunnells prom last night? hope you all are having fun this weekend :D

yeah.. this is my attempt at keeping this community active.

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05:05pm 01/02/2005
  Name: Liana
Age: almost 15
Whyd you join: why not?
whats great about stratford? tough question. not much. the old guys who meet in the green like once a week and sit on the same bench. i find that quite amusing. i just humor the stupid things people flock to (i.e. car accidents...like have you NEVER seen one before?, parades; boy if main street was buys like it is when we have parades...we'd need to build a high way; you would have never known there were than many people in a 'little' town, well i just moved here about 2 years ago, i really think your lingo is so funny. i guess its the floridian in me, ok that all is really off topic =)


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05:57pm 31/01/2005
  PromoCollapse )  

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08:47pm 21/01/2005
  catillion (sp?) tonight. hope everyone who's going has fun!  

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06:35pm 21/01/2005

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12:41am 17/01/2005
  Name: jaime
Age: I'll be 14 at the end of the month.
Whyd you join: i can't fall asleep.
What do you do for fun: hang out in stratphat of course. ha. uh, really, um, sleep, movies, mall, bikerides in the summer, sledding in the winter, football games, other sport games, random hanging out with friends, skating, etc.
whats great about stratford? reality cafe, the green, the movies, friends

yeah. I'm in 8th grade at wooster and I'll be going to st joes next year.

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02:18am 29/12/2004

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stratford cops save donut shop from being robbed from teens "suspiciously" parked in lot 
01:14am 12/12/2004
  TRUE STORY. told by me.
man. wtf. i dunno exacly when this was..but like a month or two ao..me n' some friends were just chillen outside of dunkin donuits cuz we wemt to go inside and they were just closing....and then kyle's mom called......which took forever......and me n'liz are drawing pictures on the back window..amelia in the front..... these cops come up to us...with there flashlights..they dont look to pleasant...they were really rude..i dont care b/c they have authority...one of 'em didnt even have therir nameag on..but what ever...they asked for our name...why we were here..n' we answered them....and then one of 'em asked us if we were planning on robbing dunkin donuts..i mean wtf? oh yeah....and i was asking for there names and why they were questioning us..n' the gave me bullshit..i have the right to know there names and stuff like that right? i dont even think i had to say anything..damn it. fuckin. eh. they piss me off. fucking disrespectful..i dont care if im only sixteen. im a fucking person too....ohh yeah.and after that...one of 'em told me n' liz to get out of the car...so we did...and like...asked us for id or w/e....i gave 'em mine..n' he had it for like...i dunno 5 minutes..ugh...n' they told us to stay there..when one of 'em i dunno what he was doin..so we went back into the car...n' they said some more shti..and i was asking them some more questions..the door was open slightly..n' one of 'em fuckin shut it in my face cuz he didnt wana hear me anymore...fucking AHH !! i dont want to call 'em anyting cuz i dont want to get shit for it, but that was not right!!! fucking...pisses me off!!!

this is a random qupte not relating to anything just siad...on purpose....
" oh im cool cuz i eat donuts...and just because im a cop....i can harrass teenagers....and there is nothing for me to do..so im gunna start shit with them....instrad of doing this town some good...cuz i think teenagers are bad...and im dumb...so i cant help it if my wife wont do me anymore..."

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01:10am 12/12/2004
  there are alot of gay people in stratford  

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