stanley brack (sbgskl) wrote in stratford_4life,
stanley brack

Moving to Stratford for the summer

I'll be moving to the Stratford area this summer to work for Sikorsky. I'm wondering:

  • Should I live in Stratford itself or a nearby town? I was considering New Haven since it seems quite close, and I'm used to a college town atmosphere (having lived in Ann Arbor for a while). Then again, I've never been to Connecticut so I really don't know what to expect.
  • How much does rent for a studio or 1-bdrm apartment usually run in the summer?
Any other tips or ideas for new england adventures would be welcome. I've only lived in Virginia, Florida and Michigan for significant periods, and I want to make the most of my 4-month stay in Ct. 

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new haven's like 1/2 hour away. not to bad of a drive, depending on traffic though, i personally like the stfd-milford or trumbull area. theres not much to do in stratford but alot is near by in neighboring towns. not even like 15 min away. i would say if you dont like to commute live closer rather then in new haven, but thats up to you.
Yay for stratford!

I would try to look in Stratford or the immediately surrounding towns, New Haven commutes can get annoying with traffic going into NYC and also, NH is oriented to college aged studentes, but as it will be summer, it might not be worth it to live there when you can easily drive into NH to go to clubs or bars or restaurats or what have you when you want to go out.

While you're in New England, I would recommend going to Newport, RI, its nice in the summer and its only about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Stratford. It has nice beaches and a cute town.

I have no idea how much the apartments are, sorry. But good luck with everything.

sure new haven is close, but its not THAT close. plus youd have to take the merritt most likely and traffic is a pain. stratford milford or shelton would probably be the best bet to live in as far as closeness; milford is just over the river, and shelton is just a few miles up the street from sikorsky. as greatescape said, you can always drive to new haven for clubs and bars and such but since its summer there proably wont be as much going on college wise. milford has its share of bars and resturants that college kids hang out in too. good luck with it, and welcome to the area :o)