stanley brack (sbgskl) wrote in stratford_4life,
stanley brack

Moving to Stratford for the summer

I'll be moving to the Stratford area this summer to work for Sikorsky. I'm wondering:

  • Should I live in Stratford itself or a nearby town? I was considering New Haven since it seems quite close, and I'm used to a college town atmosphere (having lived in Ann Arbor for a while). Then again, I've never been to Connecticut so I really don't know what to expect.
  • How much does rent for a studio or 1-bdrm apartment usually run in the summer?
Any other tips or ideas for new england adventures would be welcome. I've only lived in Virginia, Florida and Michigan for significant periods, and I want to make the most of my 4-month stay in Ct. 

push it to the limit
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