Lisa (dizzywolf3) wrote in stratford_4life,

Tis the season...

no, not that season...even if some stores have already started with the music.

Does anyone happen to know if the Phelps Mansion has been turned into anything that is open to the public/tours, is now private property, or has been turned into something else completely? I know that link says it was torn down, but this one begs to differ. A friend and I would like to explore it this week, so any information would be awesome. Also, according to this link, the Boothe Homestead is open to the public...anyone ever checked that out? I definitely remember going to the Boothe Memorial Park as a kid, but haven't been back to that area in years.

Also, if anyone is as much of a fucking Halloween dork as I am and is looking for something slightly "educational, yet interesting" to do...Center Church on the New Haven Green gives tours of its crypt on Saturday mornings. The little old lady is amusing, just don't let your cell phone go off while you're down in the crypt...then, she gives you a look that might make you end up buried down there as well. :P

While we're on the topic, anyone got more ideas of random Autumn or Halloween shit to do/things you've done/plan to do?
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